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Case studies

Motion Tailor personalises and delivers highly sophisticated videos with unprecedented levels of personalisation, at incredible scale helping e-commerce achieve remarkable results.  

Ozon is Russia’s largest E-commerce business

+350% CTR

The Challenge

To inform the audience about coupons and products that could be won during a ‘month long giveaway’.

The Solution

All videos were targeted with relevant products and coupons that related to these items. 

Multiples videos  were created for different products aimed at different target groups. To track the performance of these campaigns, different promo codes were used.

The Result

CTR increased by an incredible 350% compared to the client’s benchmarks for video ads on Youtube.

+158% CTR


Perekrestok is Russia’s largest supermarket chain

The Challenge

To increase ad performance on Facebook. 
The Client already had an existing banner ad and carousel running on Facebook for the `deal of the week` promotion and other offerings. 

The goal was to test personalised video ads and compare to the solutions the client had already used.

The Solution

Motion Tailor created a series of templates for different offers. The Client used MT as a Self-Service platform creating new videos in seconds, taking the up-to-date data from their Product Feed.

The Result

Conversion to sales increased up to 145% and CTR increased up to 158% compared to the existing ads. 

After a couple of weeks Facebook’s recommendation system redistributed spending in favour of Motion Tailor’s video creatives and Perekrestok turned off static content for most of their campaigns. is a leading online Russian marketplace

+23% CTR

The Challenge

To test the effectiveness of Beru’s existing supplier and distributor - Yandex - against Motion Tailor’s next generation software.

The Solution

Motion Tailor and Yandex prepared identical video creatives in 18 categories using their respective software solutions.

Unlike Yandex, Motion Tailor’s software was able to build creatives that included branding communications such as colours, fonts, slogans and animated logos.

The Result

In comparison with the creative made by Yandex, Motion Tailor creatives’ results in CTR were 23% higher and in retargeting advertising 17% higher.


Joom is one of the fastest growing international eCommerce platforms in the world

40× faster and
5× cheaper a/b tests

The Challenge

To create more than a thousand videos with different variations in products, timing, formats and languages.

The Solution

Motion Tailor automated video production through the application interface. All data was transmitted by the client through the product feed and a table with translations into different languages.

The Result

Motion Tailor have sped up video creation in comparison with Lemon Digital designers by a factor of 40, and made the production 5 times cheaper.