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Double youR return
on ad spend using personalized videos
Motion Tailor is a marketing tool that allows you to create, A/B test and personalize video ad based on the customer data.
Motion Tailor generates unlimited personalized video ad versions from customer data.
Any kind
of content
Any kind
of data
Any kind
of format
user data
Social media     ETC.
Motion Tailor enables you to communicate with hyper-targeted groups on a one-to-one basis, with an individualized creative experience.
Free your marketing team from costly and slow video production and create videos in minutes.
Free Template
Free scene
user data
Social media     ETC.
Use the library of the pre-built templates and scenes. Easily change photos, videos, texts, audio, color, duration and more. Fear not, designer's expertise is already embedded in Motion Tailor.
Build loyalty for your brand — deliver personalised ad experience for each consumer.
Manually with
MT interface
On scale with
Excel Spreadsheets
using API
user data
Social media     ETC.
Add different branding, audio, text, depending
on consumer’s needs. Create infinite video ad variations from an Excel file. Create infinite video ad variations automatically using API.
A/B test your video ads to develop a strategy that fits your brand and resonates with your audience.
Create on scale
Multiple variations of
your video ad
Get insights
Find the video that
performs the best
Create more videos
based on the best one
user data
Social media     ETC.
Download creative as VAST.
Use it on the Publisher's website or DSP.
Get real-time data of your video performance.
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Automatically create engaging
videos for every channel
Hate manual labour? Use our simple API and create video content for every channel automatically.
For designers
Create, personalize and A/B test your videos. All done in Motion Tailor. Go beyond templates. Create customised videos using MT Spreadsheet, your Excel file or API. Motion Tailor lets you create production-level videos.
For marketing teams
Run your marketing campaigns without depending on video production. Advanced content management. Complete control on customising videos, on-page editing and no need to bother video production ever again.
For business owners
Motion Tailor gives you total control of content updates, along with a simple editing interface. Create a completely custom ad videos, personalize it and run A/B test to find strategy that fits your business — no video production needed.
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