Turn your data spreadsheets into
videos in three steps

[01] Template

Upload your After FX project or pick one of our templates
tailored for your audience or make a custom one.
Then Upload footages and images to create your video.


We convert all of your uploaded data into a simple spreadshit.
All you need to do is to adjust text, colours, images and brand layouts, creating multiple video versions in minutes.


Render your video in any format and resolution you need,
then export for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Or download on your device.
Your video is now ready for download and share

Motion Tailor use cases

Motion Tailor use cases 

Game industry
Personal video
Create video for every item in your catalog 
Easily add photos of your products, add text to them
and create a simple beautiful video
Create thousands of videos for all devices
No design, coding or video editing skills needed
Simply open our spreadshit, upload your images, texts and footage. We do the rest for you.
More videos with same effort
We convert your video project or uploaded data into
an editable spreadsheet. You edit the spreadshit and
render as many video versions as you need.
Work solo or in a team
Collaborate with your  teammates to edit and discuss a single project at the same time.
Looks great on any device  for all social networks
and all formats
all features
Talk to us if you need something custom to boost your video productivity even further
Text about interface
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